Slots are games of chance and each spin has a random outcome. RTP (return to player) represents an online slot’s payout percentage over its lifetime. Games with 96% RTP on average award $0.96 for every $1.00 wagered cumulatively. Though individual spins remain unpredictable, higher RTPs indicate slots programmed to pay back more over vast plays. Most regulators require slots to have a minimum of 90% RTPs. Avoid those hovering at 90-92% in favor of games reaching at least 95-97%, as your money should last longer with these settings. Note that RTPs reflect potential, not guaranteed payouts for every player. But, targeting looser slots using RTPs as a baseline metric is wise.

Research slot variance  

All slots have variance – this determines how often and in what amounts they pay. Low variance slots provide smaller yet more frequent payouts. High variance slots feature larger, but sporadic jackpots between long dry spells. Maximum variance slots alternate between enormous jackpots and massive dry runs. Assessing a slot’s variance helps you gauge its risk-reward ratio. Higher variance titles offer bigger potential payouts yet require greater upfront funds to endure erratic results. Conservative players prefer low variance for modest but steadier wins. There is no universal “best” variance. Determining your bankroll and risk tolerance first allows picking suitable variance for playstyle. Just know that all slots are programmed with innate variance levels affecting results.

Examine bonus features

Virtually every video slot has built-in bonus features like free spins, pick’em games, multipliers, and more that trigger during play. Bonus games occur randomly, but some slots make them hit more frequently or lucratively than others. Checking a slot’s bonus features and evaluating their profit potential before playing lets you assess if bonus rounds could help recoup losses from base play. Slots like reacting generously during bonuses may show lower RTPs otherwise. Yet for lucky players, the value from hitting bigger bonuses regularly outweighs low base gameplay RTP.

Study pay tables  

Slot pay tables provide crucial payout information. The pay table lists winning combinations and their multipliers for fixed jackpot slots. It also shows symbols’ worth in cash for progressive jackpots continually rising until hitting. Review pay tables to value icons’ payout variance some award small amounts frequently, while select symbols pay less often but for far higher jackpots. Also, check if special symbols exist that unlock bonus events. Understanding exactly how different symbols award prizes allows capitalizing when they appear.

Set loss limits

All veterans know that bankroll management is essential. Winning more involves knowing when to stop playing a cold machine showing negative results. Determine affordable loss limits before playing and be disciplined in sticking to those amounts. When loss limits hit, move to another similar slot rather than pouring more money trying to recover losses via a slot already in a negative pattern. Just one or two big wins recouped elsewhere offset many small losses. Setting and following predetermined loss limits lets you play longer by reducing reckless overspending.

Run slot simulations  

Reputable casinos offer free play modes using demo credits. Test candidate slots here first and run your simulations. Try slots for at least 200 spins in free play observing results. If most losing spins occur, try a different slot. When one slot pays back well within 200 spins, this signals higher payout potential to possibly continue positive results into real play. Free play simulations help acquaint you with slots before risking money. Gauge factors like hit frequency, bonus rounds, dry spells, and variance. Use simulations to shortlist slots with tendencies you want, then transition to real play on those same titles. Visit to play indo666.

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